Botanica Dressage Results Week 4



🌞 What a beautiful day it was at Narrow Water for our Botanica Dressage! The sun was shining and the atmosphere was relaxed as our fantastic group of competitors showed off their skills. Some even took advantage of the opportunity to have professional photos taken by Blackhorse Photography in our stunning bluebell wood. We are truly lucky to have such amazing facilities in a unique location like ours. A big thank you to all who participated, as well as our judge Ivor and scribe Stephen. And let's not forget our main sponsor, Botanica! Don't forget, the league continues on May 12th, so mark your calendars and join us for another exciting day of dressage and that last chance for bluebell photos.

Intro A 

1st Shannon Magee - Canary Row 69.13%

2nd Bernadette Bennett- Rosie 68.48%

3rd Eva Skora - Jara 68.04% (68)

4th Noelle Byrne - Jazz 68.04% (67)

5th Claire Ervine - My Boy Ed 64.57%

Under 10s 

1st - Ruari Reavey - Cheeky Chicco 66.09% 

Intro B 

1st Shannon Magee - Canary Row 71.09%

2nd Noelle Byrne - Jazz 67.39%

3rd = Daisy Byrne - Wuvely 66.52%(67)

3rd = Lynsay Noble - Sachet De Thè 66.52%(67)

4th Katie Ann Ohare - Fred 66.52% (65)

Under 10s 

1st Clodagh Wallace - Georgia 65.43%

Preliminary 7 

1st Lucy Marshall - Beau 68.18%

2nd Fiona Fitzgibbon- Ivy 67.50%(68)

3rd Daisy Byrne - Wuvely 67.50% (66)

4th Tegan McCoy- Georgia 66.36%

5th Katie Adams - Wheatfields Charlie 65.23% 

6th Will Glendinning- 62.05% 

Preliminary 18 

1st Lucy Marshall- Beau 67.69%

2nd Susie Hill - Burke’s Peerage 64.81% 

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