Botanica Dressage League Results Week 5


🌞 It was week 5 of the Botanica Dressage League at Narrow Water today, and the sun was shining down on our beautiful surroundings. We want to extend a huge thank you to all the talented competitors today for their impressive tests. 🏆 We also want to give a special shout-out to our judge, Lucinda Webb, and to Blackhorse Photography for capturing all the stunning moments throughout the league. 📸 As we gear up for the league finals next Sunday, we can't wait to see who will take home some fantastic prizes from our generous sponsors at Botanica. 💐 Don't miss out! Results from today's show: Intro A 1st Bernadette Bennett - Rosie 72.83% 2nd Molly Byrne - Adrigoole Princess 72.17% 3rd Eva Skora - Jara 70% 4th Claire Ervine - My Boy Ed 66.96% 5th Noelle Byrne - Jazz 66.52% 6th Darcy Ruddy - Millie 66.30% Intro B 1st Daisy Byrne - Wuvely 78.04% 2nd Shannon Morgan - Cassie 71.96% 3rd Molly Byrne - Adrigoole Princess 68.91% 4th Lindsay Noble - Sachet de The 67.83% 5th Noelle Byrne - Jazz 67.83% 6th Darcy Ruddy - Millie 66.74% Under 10s 1st Clodagh Wallace - Georgia Preliminary 7 1st Daisy Byrne - Wuvely 73.18% 2nd Katie Adams - Wheatfields Charlie 69.55% 3rd Jennifer Kingsmill - Ludovik K 67.27% Preliminary 18 1st Jane Allen Collins - Lougherne Atlantis Novice 27 1st Aislinn Franklin - ShadowCaster 70% Elementary 1st Victoria McCandless- Koolstyle Elementary Freestyle 1st Victoria McCandless- Koolstyle Medium 63 1st Shannon Magee - VSH Wannabe 67.59%